It can be very frustrating if your computer freezes while you are working on something. There are a few things that can be done when this happens to you. The first thing would be to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. This key combination will bring up the Task Manager and it will show you a list of currently running programs. More than likely, one of these programs is stuck. The list will show that a particular program is not responding. You can end this program and that may possibly remedy the problem. In some cases, you will be unable to get into the Task Manager. In these instances, it might be necessary to shut down the computer by holding down the power button or unplugging the machine. This is not the preferred method, but is sometimes necessary.

After the computer restarts, the problem will hopefully not reoccur. If it does happen again, there may be a problem with a particular program that will need to be investigated further. Having your computer freeze is not a normal occurrence and is something that should be ultimately checked out by a professional.

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