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A small business computer server gives businesses the opportunity to streamline operations such as document sharing and enable employees and associates to focus on revenue-producing work. Hegarty Computers provide a professional and well thought out office server setup for all Palm Desert, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells and Palm Springs businesses. Our small business computer server setups also ensure that all files on the server are backed up on a regular basis. We provide excellent support with certified technicians. For you convenience we are open 6 days a week and emergency services are also available.

Benefits of setting up a server for your business

A computer server is a vital necessity for growing companies that are currently using several computers and have an in house database. Small business owners in particular notice the benefits that a server provides for their business, helping to operate at a more efficient and productive pace.

As business develops and grows, your computers will get to the point where the amount of information and programs in use cannot be managed adequately with a small group of networked computers alone. Having reached that point, a server is essential to storing and organizing all of your business data and resources in one place. This will allow appropriate access members of staff in an efficient manner.

Storing all of your business data in one central place using a single server has numerous advantages. A server is capable of processing, managing and storing all of the information which passes through every single computer within the network that is accessing it. Servers typically have larger storage capacities, faster hard drives, and extremely powerful processors.

Through your server, you can gain remote access to your business email and files. All information is stored safely and is secured against any unauthorized use. In the event of a disaster occurring, backup copies of data allow for recovery of information that could otherwise have been lost.

It can be difficult to select the best equipment to meet the requirements of your business, because there are several different types of server and software available to choose from.

It is important for you to keep in mind that in time, as your business continues to develop, the amount of data your server will need to manage will also increase. Therefore, your server will need to be big enough to handle the future requirements and scalability that will be placed on it.

The size of the server that you will need really depends on the size of your business. A very small company may be able to manage with a server that has only slightly more power than an average desktop computer. Whereas at the opposite end of the scale, a very large company will need a powerful server (or multiple servers) with the adequate amount of RAM, hard disk space and processors required in order to handle the demand that will be placed on it

Because such a high quantity of desktop computers run a Windows operating system, Windows tends to be a popular choice of server software as it provides straightforward integration with a Windows Server and good quality, built-in features in terms of its security and web capabilities. There are a range of alternatives available and you should consider what is important for your business requirements before committing to a purchase.

For expert advice and tips regarding which hardware and software would be best suited to your individual business requirements, you may benefit from the services of a reputable IT support company. Aside from expert advice, you can gain additional assistance with set up, installation and on going running and maintenance.

The Computer Room – Location, Place, Set up

A dedicated room is a huge benefit, even for a small server installation. Small servers can cause intolerable noise and can make even a large room’s temperature rise immensely. There are also serious security concerns to think about if the servers share the room with other people or if they’re easily accessible to people passing by.

A larger server configuration, on the other hand, will very quickly surpass tolerable and/or regulatory noise levels (which can vary by state or country). The cooling demands will also be much higher, which standard air conditioning would not be able to handle. The only option is to allow for a dedicated room with specialized air conditioning. A dedicated room will also make controlling personnel access much easier to handle. It’s probably a good idea to require electronic badges or cards that will allow access, as well as keep a log of who has entered or exited.

In addition to the server itself, generally a dedicated computer room will also contain disks, back-up devices, cables, and, most likely, spare disks, peripheral cards, blades, fans, and other vital equipment. You will probably be able to provide server administration remotely, but a local console in the server room is also crucial, which will allow personnel to perform functions like maintenance and administration locally.


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