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La Quinta Computer Repair, Installation, and Maintenance Experts


Are you looking for a true professional to fix your crashed computer?  Or are you a small business in La Quinta looking for the very best in IT services?  Either way Hegarty Computer Solutions and Services is your best choice.

Whether at home or the office, whether computer repair or virus removal, we’ll come to you so that there’s no unplugging and lugging back and forth.

For small businesses, in-house Information Technology support just isn’t economically practical.  Let us be your off-site IT specialists for dependability and peace of mind on a known budget.  You can count on us to keep your system running through glitches, failures, and hacks.  Our well trained and certified technicians are available 6 days a week as well as on an emergency basis.  In many cases we can remotely take care of a problem almost instantly.

Give us a call for always-free consultation and expert advice from friendly professionals.  We typically provide same-day solutions, and we guarantee our work and your satisfaction.

Computer Repair in La Quinta

Whether your computer is getting bogged down, you’ve had a hard-disk failure, or anything in between we’re experienced in computer repair. We’re experts in resolving start-up problems, diagnosing and repairing computer hardware faults, and resolving internet connection issues.

Our specialists have special equipment for data recovery and we can provide data transfer and migration services whenever you need a new computer. We can also provides upgrades to memory, hard disk drives, and peripherals.

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canstockphoto0981195Virus Removal

Unfortunately the world of the internet has also brought us computer viruses and other malware (malicious software).  It may be just an annoying advertising pop-up or you may have a serious infection that can delete data, prevent your computer from running, or access sensitive data and spread to everyone in your email address book.  Malware is sometimes the hidden cause of a computer slow-down.

Give us a call if you suspect you have a  problem. 

And, above all, don’t give in to “ransomware” that asks for credit card information to fix a problem it “discovered.”  We stay up-to-date, up-to-the-minute.  Our virus removal services are thorough so that your problem won’t come back when your computer reboots.


Maintenance Programs

Regular computer maintenance programs keep your computer running at its best:  dependably and at full speed.  Our scheduled services include dust removal to keep your CPU cool and reliable, registry and malware cleanup together with disk drive defragmenting to keep your PC at its fastest, and backups to keep your data safe.

La Quinta Network Setup

image descriptionWhether for your  home and family, a home office, or a small business we can provide same-day network setup.  In addition to wireless networks we perform cable installation for new or expanding ethernet systems.

We focus on data security, with wireless encryption and other critical security measures.  Our decade of experience includes printer sharing setup and establishing business virtual private networks (VPNs).  And of course we’re ready to maintain those networks and keep both their hardware and software secure and up to date.

Hegarty’s Other Computer Services

We provide the full spectrum of computer, internet, and information technology services for both personal and business use.  Besides computer repair, maintenance programs, network setup, and virus removal our offerings include the following.

  • central data server and server room installation, setup, and maintenance
  • IP security camera installation
  • workstation setup and maintenance

La Quinta Highlights

Declared “uninhabitable” by early 20th century surveyors, La Quinta is now a world-class resort city a quick 25 mile drive from Palm Springs.  With a focus on winter tourism, the city has been named as the leading golf destination in the United States with well several well-known courses and tournaments.  The city is also a mecca for professional businesses.  With a population of some 37,000 residents after rapid growth in the 1990s and 2000s, Hegarty’s Computer is proud to deliver service excellence to the area.


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