Hard drives have become much more durable in recent decades. In many cases, people will simply reformat a hard drive instead of buying a new one. In some situations, however, people mistakenly forget about important information that was left on the hard drive. This information may be lost, but there may be ways to recover it. Here are a few facts about recovering information on a reformatted hard drive.

First, it is important to note how hard drives are formatted. Instead of erasing all data, certain sectors of the hard drive are instructed to operate in a particular manner. Files are not completely erased, but the area of the hard drive that points to the files locations will be overwritten. Because of this, data is often still present on a formatted hard drive. Using sophisticated tools, it may be possible to recover this data. The success of recovering information will rely partially on where it was located on the hard drive. If the hard drive has recently reformatted, the odds of recovering information will be fairly high. If new information has been written to the hard drive, however, the odds of success are reduced dramatically.

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