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Looking to fix your computer problem?  Taking care of everything from simply running slowly to bizarre behavior and disk failure, Hegarty Computer Solutions is ready to help Indian Well’s 5,000 residents and businesses.  Our PC experts provide computer repairs, maintenance, and more.

Now days personal computers are a vital, if not absolute necessary, part of home and business life.  There’s  no need to waste time dealing with a balky system nor dealing with the risk of only a partial solution.  Our professionals will take care of your problem quickly, correctly, and thoroughly.  The Hegarty team includes well-qualified specialists in virus removal and computer security, network setup, computer repair, and regular maintenance programs.  Our company has been serving the Indian Wells region for over 10 years with service available 6 days a week, minimizing irritating and costly downtime.  We also offer emergency computer services.

Unlike computer stores, we come to you and have a no-fix no-charge policy.

Our on-site computer repair means you won’t have to lug your PC back and forth, nor worry about connecting everything back up properly.  Our remote-access maintenance programs can handle many problems without even having to visit your home or office.

Virus Removal

folder-virus-iconThere’s actually many types of “malware” that can infect your computer:  viruses, spyware, trojans, pop-ups, and rogue programs.  But there’s no need for you to know the technical differences.  The bottom line is that they can chew up your computer’s resources for their own nefarious purposes, including spreading themselves or spam to people on your contact list, and even blocking valid programs and destroying your data.

While there are many anti-virus software programs available, virus removal by a computer security expert is your best solution.  We’re up to date on all the latest malware and their techniques for hiding from virus removal software.  Our specialists perform permanent removal so that the problem doesn’t start all over again the next time you reboot.  We also “inoculate” your computer to greatly reduce the odds of its catching another virus.

Computer Maintenance Programs

Computer Repair Indan WellsMuch like for your car, regular service helps maintain the reliability, performance, and security of your computer.  Our tune-ups include registry cleaning, disk defragmenting, and making sure you have the latest security updates.  The process also included virus removal scanning.  We can accomplish this remotely without ever visiting your home or business, but our maintenance programs also include on-site visual inspections and dust clean-out.  Dust build-up leads to overheating, the major cause of CPU failure, and clean-out requires opening the computer case.

Our services can include a full backup of your data and programs, as well as periodic and automatic incremental backups of new data.  With Hegarty you’ll have the option of storing those backups on flash sticks, CD-ROM/DVD, tape drive, or internet cloud storage.

Computer Repair and More

Whether you’re having trouble with internet access, computer startup, or a hardware failure, a Hegarty PC expert will quickly diagnose and correct the problem.  Our extensive experience in computer repairs includes laptops as well as desktops, workstations, and servers.  In most cases we can perform remote trouble shooting to assure that we arrive with exactly the parts and software necessary to complete your computer repair on our first visit.

Our computer repairs and maintenance services also include installing and upgrading printers, disk drives, memory, and software packages.  If needed, our data recovery can often bring back files that seemed lost due to a hardware failure or major software glitch.

Network Setup

Computer Repair Indan WellsHegarty Computer Solutions is also the Indian Wells choice for home and business network setup (installation and configuration) and management.  We’re the local experts in internet and Wi-Fi security.

Our experience and expertise includes business networking solutions.  From equipment selection to final testing, we can create server rooms and install servers, routers, and workstations as well as taking care of all wiring and cabling.  Beyond network security we can create VPNs (virtual private networks) together with mobile device integration that synchronizes documents, calendars, and contacts.

Indian Wells — World-Class Events

Located between Palm Desert and La Quinta resorts with a population of 5,000 residents, Indian Wells is host for numerous events known world-wide.  The Indian Wells Masters tennis tournament is one of the nine World Tour Masters 1000 level events, and one of the four WTA Premier Mandatory events for the Women’s Tennis Association.  The city is also host for the Bob Hope Desert Classic and Sinatra Invitational golf tournaments.  In addition to the world-famous Coachella Music Festival, there’s also the Stagecoach Music Festival and the Indian Wells Desert Symphony.

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