Computers can often become slower over time. This can be aggravating when you need to quickly download or upload a file, watch a movie or play a game. Here are several ways to improve the speed and performance of your computer.

Dump duplicate files If you have had your computer for more than a year or two, you probably have accumulated a lot of backup or duplicate files. These are generally unnecessary and should be removed. Go to the control panel and click “free up disk space” under administrative tools.

Defrag Over time, your computer moves and shift files. This slows it down as it searches. Your computer’s performance can be significantly improved by running the defragmentation program. Defragmentation puts associated files back together. This allows your computer faster access to them. To run the program, go to administrative tools section of your control panel and click the “defragment your hard drive” command. 

Delete search files Your computer keeps a record of your browsing history. If you surf the Internet extensively, your history file can be large. Go to the tools link on your browser and click on Internet options. Find the browsing history link and delete temporary Internet files and cookies.

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