portfolioYou can optimize your computer’s performance in several ways. Uninstalling “bloatware” or the unnecessary programs that come bundled with new computers can free up memory and hard drive space. Disabling all but necessary programs at startup makes your computer boot up faster.

Using a good antivirus program and performing regular scans can remove tracking cookies, viruses and spyware that can slow down your computer. Defragmenting your hard drive also improves system performance. If you try all of the above suggestions and your computer is still running slow, freezing or crashing, you may have a nasty virus that requires professional removal. Other signs of virus infection are numerous pop-ups opening when you try to go online, toolbars on your browser that you didn’t install and strange icons appearing on your desktop.

If you’re experiencing these problems, back up all your important data and then call Palm Desert Computer Repair. Our experienced technicians can diagnose your PC, Mac or laptop, remove viruses and malware, fix registry errors and clean up the junk files that accumulate on your computer through daily use. Beware of software that promises to clean up and repair your registry. Let an actual computer technician get the junk out of your computer and get it back up to speed again.