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Computer Repair Rancho Mirage


Do you have a problem that’s making your computer difficult or impossible too use? Or does it just keep running more and more slowly? Or perhaps you need a new or upgraded network.

Hegarty Computers is your home and business solution here in Rancho Mirage.

Our team of highly-qualified specialists are here to cover your every need, saving you costly downtime and personal inconvenience. PCs are a vital part of our personal lives, and a critical part of any business. That’s why Hegarty provides computer repair, network setup, and virus removal services as well as maintenance programs with remote-support and same-day on-site services 6 days a week in the Rancho Mirage and Palm Springs region. We also provide emergency services.

Our Rancho Mirage Computer Services

Hegarty’s expertise covers the full range of business and home computer and networking needs. In addition to the services highlighted below, our services include the following.

• personal computer, workstation, and server installation and setup
• data backup and data recovery
• mobile device integration
• email, contact, and calendar integration and synchronization

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Computer Repairs in Rancho Mirage, California

We’re equipped to handle virtually any mechanical, electrical, or software problem, including laptop repair.  We also provide professional upgrade services for memory, hard drives, peripherials, and operating systems.  Our experts are experienced with a wide range of manufacturers, with special focus and certifications on Apple, Asus, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, and Sony.

Network Setup

Wireless home networks are now relatively straightforward to set up, but bringing in an expert will save you time and assure that access passwords, encryption, and firewalls are properly configured for your privacy and safety.

To achieve full bandwidth for numerous computers and for maximum security, businesses still rely on hardwired networks. Hegarty is ready to advise, select, install, and maintain all your cabling, routers, and servers.  We’re experts in VPNs (virtual private networks).

With ever increasing bandwidth demands and security becoming more critical while at the same time more difficult, creating and supporting local area network has become very specialized.  You can depend on Hegarty Computers for your network setup and maintenance needs in Rancho Mirage.


Computer Virus Removal

You probably don’t really care if your problem is a virus, trojan, worm, spyware, root kit, or adware; they’re all harmful software causing major headaches.  They can block computer use, delete or reveal information, make illicit use of your computer, or just be an annoyance.  Standard security software is a big help, but there is a constant battle to keep up with malware developers.  The most aggressive even block security updates developed to eradicate them.

Our software security experts have the expertise together with the latest tools to break through just about any logjam for malware and virus removal.  We’ll completely take care of the problem so that it won’t return the next time you reboot.  We perform on-site services in Rancho Mirage, but are able to immediately handle many computer virus problems remotely.

Maintenance Programs

Preventive maintenance preserves the speed and privacy of your computers, servers, and network and improves the reliability of the whole system.  Our computer maintenance programs include dust removal (a leading cause of overheating and subsequent failure), disk defragmentation (for improved performance and storage capacity), operating system tune-up (for greater speed), and spyware removal (in most cases you don’t even know it’s there).

About Hegarty Computers

Our certified professionals are specialists in computers, networking, and security.  We’ve been providing the best in friendly jargon-free computer support in the Coachella Valley for over 10 years.  Our computer repair and virus removal customer satisfaction policy is simple:  if we don’t fix your problem we don’t charge.

About Rancho Mirage

We’re proud to serve the city’s 17,000 year-round residents and numerous businesses, and love the area.  Incorporated in 1973, Rancho Mirage has had more than it’s fair share of celebrity residents and visitors, including presidents and even Queen Elizabeth II.  The city is truly a desert oasis.  Located south-east of Palm Springs and nestled between Cathedral City and Palm Desert, it’s known for it’s scenic resorts, numerous country clubs, and the five-star Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage.

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