We think and hope that our computers are safe and secure, protecting our private information from the criminals scouring the Internet. But sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, danger slips through our fortifications. It happens to the best of computers eventually: they begin to slow down. There are few things as frustrating as being unable to quickly perform the most simple of tasks because of sluggish computer performance. But sometimes a slow computer is an indication of another, far bigger problem: spyware. It’s a dreaded word.

Spyware slips into a computer’s database so expertly that many times it isn’t detected until its hold over the poor computer is very advanced. From its key position it extends its tendrils to record a user’s private information and control many of the computer’s functions. Removing spyware is often a frustrating task. Even some of the programs claiming to be for that purpose are in actuality spyware themselves, further infecting the computer when they’re downloaded. Professional help is a much better way of wiping all spyware from a computer’s system.

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